Frequently Asked Questions



 What ERP products do you support?
We support customers using various Enterprise Resource Planning software systems including: SAP Business One (B1), Apprise Software from Aptean, BatchMaster Software, and Beas from Boyum.

B1 has a broad range of horizontal capabilities that address accounting, distribution, manufacturing, project management, customer relationship management requirements for over 50,000 companies worldwide. Its extensible design enables site-specific changes and integration of sophisticated vertical solutions.  


My SAP Business One system needs a few custom reports & queries, some changes to some of my B1 screens, and I'd like to change certain field labels.  How can your team get these done?  Do I need a programmer?
We can do all these things and more.  No programming.


How can all this be done without hiring a programmer?

We tailor our customers' systems using B1's built-in tools.  These include:

  • A query system that we use to address wide ranges of reporting needs
  • A screen label editing tool that allows authorized users to change field prompts on screens
  • A comprehensive integration with Crystal Reports which allows custom-built reports to be added to the menu and supports the creation of new report layouts on marketing documents (sales orders, invoices, etc.)
  • A tool called Formatted Search which allows queries to be deployed on screen fields to enable customized screen logic
  • A set of tools that allow creation of user-defined fields, tables, and screens based on these tables.
  • Programming access to document add / update 'events' which allows deployment of business logic when transactions are created and changed.
  • A tool to make screen changes such as hiding and moving fields


That's great, but I need more complex screen changes such as adding buttons to run reports, changing the field order when using the tab key, and confirming that my business rules are followed when the Add button is clicked.  How can you help us?  

We address these requirements and much more using the B1 Usability Package (B1UP) from Boyum IT.  B1UP enables us to build logic into the system that honors our customers' complex business requirements without the programming involved in a customization project. B1UP-based screen buttons, menu options, tab sequences, default values, and complex logic all are managed in a way that avoids issues during upgrades.


I'm planning to buy several of my competitors, and will need to integrate with their existing ERP systems. Can B1 do this? And if so, how?

Yes.  SAP's Integration Framework (B1IF) enables us to seamlessly connect B1 with other systems and technologies. Examples of these connections include tying B1 to other ERP systems, mobile devices, SAP Ariba, and other B1 deployments.  B1IF is the foundation of SAP's B1 Intercompany solution.  B1IF enables us to connect your B1 platform with the ERP systems in your other operations.


 What Add-Ons do you support?

We work with Boyum IT's B1 Usability Package (B1UP), Resolv from Achieve IT Solutions, BatchMaster, Beas, and others


 Why is your web site so plain?  Where's all the graphics, menus, and pop-ups?

Our website reflects the way we work with our customers - focus on delivering business value and helping our customers align technology with their goals.