"Dave Gutman’s experience, work ethic and abilities to solve problems helped us do what most felt was impossible, we implemented a functioning ERP system (SAP\Batchmaster) in 6 weeks.  Dave committed to the project, he was with us all hours during the implementation weekend. If it was not for his personal efforts, we would not be where we are today."



 "David has an in-depth understanding of the BatchMaster/SAP system and general business practices and rules.  In our case, he was able to take the unique complexities of our business and make them “fit” into our new ERP reality.  David brought the knowledge and vision to see our path to our success.  I always asked for David to get involved at key points because I knew he could role-reverse and would thus understand and resolve our issues.  He earned my trust and confidence." 



 "Dave took the necessary time to listen to our needs and to deeply understand our processes, because of this he was able to help us drive a straight line through the maze of decisions with our SAP implementation." 



 "I had the pleasure of working with Dave as a colleague for several years. Dave has a remarkable ability to establish rapport through his can-do attitude, and then maintain lasting customer relationships through his demonstrated quality of work. His years of experience working with ERP have made him an invaluable collaborator to his co-workers and clients. Dave doesn’t take the easy way out when faced with a complex problem; he will always make sure to have a thorough understanding of the requirement and go the extra mile to brainstorm the best possible solutions to any problem. Dave is a critical thinker with serious attention to detail that I highly recommend for any software implementation." 



 "Dave supported us on a difficult re-implementation of SAP B1 into our business. Dave was always available both on site and remotely to walk us through some of the processes in a way that made it easy for non-IT literate people to understand. I would not hesitate to recommend Dave in the future."



 "We were fortunate enough to have worked with Dave on an ERP implementation for our contract manufacturing company. I was impressed with Dave's wide ranging understanding of business practices from accounting to production, warehousing and logistics. As well as his ability to translate our specific business practices into the functionality of our new ERP system. Dave was easy to communicate with and dedicated to the success of the project."



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